5 Ways to Earn SATS in the Bitcoin Lightning Network Economy!

1) Make posts on stacker.news

Stacker News is one of the most intriguing methods to increase your SATS.

Stacker is a content platform that has been built on Lightning to bring people together with a similar interest: bitcoin.

Stacker News differs from Reddit and other social forums in that it allows users to pPublish articles and get SATS from other people who read their contributions by clicking on the lightning bolt symbol next to them.

2) Earn money by playing

If you like playing video gamesyou’ll be happy to know that lightning-powered P2E (play-to-earn) titles can be played to earn SATS tokens.

There are many P2P games today that allow game creators and gamers to earn money by collecting points in the form of in-game currency, such as BTC.

3) Get Satsback rewards

When people use apps or cards that pay bitcoin cashback, they earn Satsback rewards. Bitcoin rewards are offered to consumers when they complete a transaction on a site that offers them.

Another way tostack SATS is to get bitcoin cashback rewards for your regular purchases.

4) Acquire SATS for likes

Imagine you could earn bitcoin clicking on Facebook or Twitter posts, or liking a company’s tweets? That’s what Sats 4 Likes lets you do.

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5) Use the “Learn to earn bitcoins” app

The “learn to earn bitcoin” app is the last item on our list. Learning apps remunerate users in satoshis for them to actively engage with the learning materials in the app.

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