for an abortion, Google Maps can take you to a pro-life facility

During research, Google’s mapping service offered women wishing to have an abortion establishments that advocate for the continuation of pregnancies. When it comes to abortion, the king of research loses its luster. Pregnant people seeking abortions have been surprised to be taken by Google Maps to “fake clinics”. Beyond not offering abortions, these centers have … Read more

double blow in 110 meters hurdles, bronze for Pontvianne … What to remember from the seventh day

The French delegation won three more medals in these European championships in Munich, Wednesday August 17, which bring the total to 38 (10 in gold, 12 in silver, 16 in bronze). Over 110 meters hurdles, Pascal Martinot-Lagarde and Just Kwaou-Mathey won silver and bronze. Jean-Marc Pontvianne won his first international medal thanks to his third … Read more

Apple Glass: Better ergonomics than competitors thanks to this technology

Apple has obtained a new patent for finger sensors that will be used for its mixed reality headsets. Revealed by Patently Apple, the patent details a different personalized device that extends to the user’s fingers. The potential for such a device could enable 3D air gestures and wireless controls, which would be far more dramatic … Read more

Google PC and Console Report 2022: Diversity and Inclusion Are Key to Global Success

Featured by Google for Games Reach more gamers with insights from Google for Games on topics like international expansion, esports, monetization, and more. Find more articles from this series here. Games designed for PC and consoles that consider community building, diversity, and inclusion from the start tend to enjoy higher levels of success globally. These … Read more